Update the router firmware

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The firmware is the software that controls the operation of the router, so it is necessary to update it periodically to improve its performance and security. The update can be done from the router's own menu, or by downloading and installing it manually from a computer.

Check your router model

Check your router model:

-Network information
-Connection information
-DHCP information
-DNS information
-Port information
-Safety information

Download the correct firmware for your router

Downloads may include firmware, software, manuals, and other files that may be necessary for the operation of your router.

Connect your router to PC

To connect the router to the PC, you need to have the network cable that comes with the router. On the PC, open Control Panel, and in the Network and Internet section, click the Network Connections icon. In the window that appears, click the Add button. A new window will open in which the type of connection must be selected, which in this case will be Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Once selected, click the Next button. In the next window, you must enter the name of the connection, the type of connection (router), the IP address ( and the port (8080). Finally, click on the Finish button.

Start firmware update

1. Start the firmware update

2. Check for the latest version available on the Sony website

3. Download and install the new version

4. Restart the computer

Check if the firmware has been updated

The firmware on your device may have been updated. If so, the device will display a notification indicating this. If you have not updated the firmware, the device will not show any notification.