Login to the router web interface

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Login to the web interface of the router in the Ips: o 192.168.l.254

1. Enter the username and password in the login window.

2. Click on the Login button.

3. The router's web interface will open.

4. You can use this interface to make various settings on the router.

5. To sign out, click the Sign Out button.

Change the password of the router web interface

To change the password for the router's web interface, first go to the router's administration page. Then find the password section and change the default password. Finally, save the changes and close the administration page.

Configure the router web interface for remote access

– Enter the router.
– Access the configuration section.
– Look for the remote access option.
– Enable the option.
– Enter the username and password.
– Save the changes.

Restore router web interface to factory defaults

1) Connect to the router using a web browser

2) Enter the router settings

3) Restore router web interface to factory defaults