How to create a strong password?

Everything that has become digital has also become vulnerable to people who want to exploit the data available in digital format. Hackers are a threat to everyone who uses smartphones and the internet and to make sure we are safe most things are password protected.

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Whether it's a social media account or a bank account, even electronic devices have password protection. Even with a password, it's not that obvious that your data is secure since the password is just a set of characters that you choose. If it's easy to guess the password it's as good as if it wasn't there. To make sure your password is good enough and strong enough they say it should be done with few things in mind.

Here are some tips that can help you create a strong password to protect your data:

Do not use personal information

Personal information such as the name of family members, phone numbers, colors of favorite foods, etc. it's easy to guess. Even by stalking your social media, such things can be guessed, so it's best if you avoid things as simple as a password.

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Don't use random easy-to-guess things

Ascending or descending numbers and set of alphabets or your username etc. they should not be used. These things can be random, but aimlessly guessed things are possible to be guessed by others as well. Keep your mind clear while setting a password that isn't obvious.

Don't use duplicate passwords

When putting a new password it is better not to use old passwords. Your old password can be shared by you at times and using it again gives access to anyone who knows your old password.

Use a different set of characters

When creating a new password, use characters that include numbers, alphabets, and even symbols if you can remember them well. Such a set of characters is difficult to guess and is the best way to make a strong password that is not random and obvious to anyone who knows you.