Change Wi-Fi password CNT Ecuador

If you need to change your WiFi password from your CNT network provider, we invite you to follow this complete guide in order to improve the security of your WiFi network at home. You can easily change the password of your WiFi CNT if you follow these steps: First, open the … read more

LPB Floor Wi-Fi

LPB Piso Wifi allows its users to enjoy a high-speed wireless connection at all points in their home, regardless of location. Thanks to LPB Piso Wifi, users will be able to surf the internet, watch streaming content, make calls and video calls, and carry out all the activities… read more

How to configure TotalPlay modem

The Huawei HG8245H Totalplay router is a wireless network device that connects to a broadband modem and allows users to share their Internet connection. It also provides a connection to a local network for file access and printing. The Totalplay modem also … read more TP-Link Router Configuration

Configuring the TP-Link router is a fairly simple process, and you should not do it if you are not sure about it, since otherwise you could end up misconfiguring the connection, which would end up causing connection problems. Change SSID name TP-Link router Have you changed router … read more

D-Link Router Settings

You can configure your D-Link router manually or through the mydlink mobile app. If you opt for manual configuration, you must log in to the web router using the default username and password. The first thing you will have to know is what exact IP you use … read more

Configure Movistar router

By default, the Movistar router is configured so that anyone can connect to it and use it to browse the Internet. This can be a security issue, as anyone could use your Internet connection to do whatever they want. Fortunately, it is possible to change the settings of the … read more

Install DLNA on Linux Steps and Commands

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is an association of electronics and computer manufacturers who have agreed to create a kind of compatible standard for all their systems. DLNA allows different devices within the same network to interconnect to share different content. The advantage it can offer is… read more