Get Router IP in OS X (Mac OS)

know router ip on mac

Here are the steps to retrieve the router's IP address on Mac OS. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen In the menu click on “System Preferences…” You should see a window with the System Preferences pop-up Click on… Inform

Install DLNA on Linux Steps and Commands

dlan server linux config

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is an association of electronics and computer manufacturers who have agreed to create a kind of compatible standard for all their systems. DLNA allows different devices within the same network to interconnect to share different content. The advantage it can offer is easy setup and versatility. … Inform

Telnet to configure a router to mount web and ftp servers

install apache2 in telnet

In this entry we will show you how you can configure your router to create an apache2 web server and an FTP service Step 1. Open the ports in the router We can carry out this process by telnet or by web, depending on our preferences. In any case, we need some starting data: We need to know the IP address of the … Inform

Find the IP address of the router

Most of the time the ISP assigns or as the default router IP address. However, if they don't work, then you want to find the IP address of the default router. This guide will help you find the router IP address for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS & Linux. Windows To find the … Inform

How to use public WiFi safely?

secure public wifi

WiFi is the kind of thing that appeals to anyone who wants Internet access, and that includes anyone with a laptop or smartphone. Private WiFi requires a password and is limited to the users the administrator allows to use the network. Public Wi-Fi networks, on the other hand, … Inform

How to create a strong password?

Everything that has become digital has also become vulnerable to people who want to exploit the data available in digital format. Hackers are a threat to everyone who uses smartphones and the internet and to make sure we stay safe most things are protected by… Inform

How to protect your WiFi network?

As a router owner it is important that you know the basics of WiFi network protection to prevent unauthorized access from intruders and to migrate potential attacks from sophisticated criminals simply by following the steps below. 1. Learn the basics Before moving on to more… Inform

How to fix WiFi dead zones

WiFi at home and in the office, etc. they are all good as long as they provide good internet speed. Everyone is facing this place within the WiFi range which has not good speed and the network is very slow. These are the WiFi dead zones that get the least… Inform

What is the SSID?

configure SSID wireless basic settings

SSID is short for Service Set Identifier and is a term used in networking to represent the name of a network. The SSID for any network is in a human-readable format, using simple languages ​​with characters and numbers in it. A common example of an SSID is... Inform

What is a WiFi Hotspot?

install baidu hotspot

WiFi is a common thing now and it is not the best term to explain it, while hotspot in the network is the place where the network is created. The Wifi hotspot is the source that is providing WiFi access to other users who are connecting to the Internet. It may be the router configured by the provider... Inform